Were doing it. And where have we been?

After a 4 month hiatus from the strenuous task writing, we are back. Well we can blame 2020 for most things and a lack of entries is certainly down to a pandemic.


Well 2020 was for us as many others, a chastening and grounding year that at times pushed us to ask much more deep questions of ourselves, the environment and all that we thought we knew! Alas, it is not over, yet, the sudden jolt of cultural and social norms being immediately removed from our lives has passed and we are now learning to live inside this new reality.



Well what of Wallace & Co, so much was promised in 2020, podcasts, blogs, Netflix worthy videos and a catalogue of new products. our aims were so high, the noble intentions of executing our vision so it was through gritted teeth we had to accept we would only accomplish a fraction of what we planned. 2021 is here, we are now looking firmly forwards and following on from our last entry in which we discussed luxury retail we are very happy to announce we are now in another 3 independent retail locations!


As people are spending more time in their homes the need for curating their space with scent is more apparent. Homes are now like temples, candles, sprays and reed diffusers adorning every room, a different scent for each and we are happy we are able to provide fragrance goods to service this need.We have taken on 3 new partners in the months of December & January. 


The Aroma Store – Mirdif 35
The Flower Store  in Village Mall Jumierah
Imperial Scentury – Address Hotel Dubai Marina


In these quirky, modern, luxury stores you will find a whole host of brands, perfumes, flowers, oils, attars and proudly, a full range of Wallace & Co goods. This represents a real tangible step into the world of retail and we are looking forward to growing with our stores and partners and bringing more from our world of fragrance into The UAE.


Dennie Wallace

December 2021 – The Hilton Hotel – Dubai

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