Reverence : deep respect for someone or something.

Reverence deep respect for someone or something. 

We are all trying to regain a semblance of order in what has been the most challenging 12 months on record. Reverence, the name of our new range or collection, as some like to call it. 


Indulgent metallic golds, shiny platinum and deep rich bronzes make up the exterior aesthetic, electroplated luxury to the end but is the type of product people are looking for after such a tumultuous year? This is a question we asked ourselves and we knew we had to bring attention back to a more spiritual, mindful frequency.




With Ramadan & Eid approaching, a highly gift rich period, we knew we needed to blend humility with luxury so Reverence was born. 3 fragrances, 3 colours, 3 names; Divinity, Devotion and Reflection. Each distinct yet similar, the aim being to create a more thoughtful purchase, a gift with meaning other than just luxury for luxuries sake.

The vessels have no branding, are minimal and plain but ooze style, the packaging integrating a playful Islamic theme but not a typical Ramadan product.


The theme will stick, I like the concept of thoughtful luxury and as we all strive for a more sustainable, less indulgent life, the fusion of mindful exuberant gifts will continue to grow.


In other news, Valentines & mothers day have passed and with the recent addition of to our retail stockists were very successful, lucury candles being the perfect accompaniment to a select bunch of flowers.



Dennie Wallace

Sofitel The Palm Resort – Dubai

March 2021



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